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Last Night's Stand is an alternative pop punk band from the South Bay in Los Angeles, California. Best known for being the least known, best band in America, the group was founded by writer Devin Kennedy-Pavelock (lead vocals, rhythm guitar). Earlier in 2013, Last Night's Stand came out with its first self-titled EP, which unleashed support from great new fans across America: check it out! Based on the success of the EP, the band went back into the studio and produced a full length, which was pre-released late in 2013. The reaction was great and the band began getting more attention, playing a Philippines benefit concert at Molly Malone's in Los Angeles and a number of shows at the Hollywood's House of Blues and Venice, California's Witzend. Last Night's Stand just returned from Austin, Texas, having played three shows as SXSW. Now they're back in the studio wrapping up bonus tracks for the official release of:



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